Friday, March 5, 2010


First week of Uni = Over!
It wasn't too bad, I've made some lovely friends! From next week though its 22 hours and that's going to be a bit chaotic.
I've been falling into fevers, stomach aches and constant fatigue; I really need a good night Snow White of a sleep.

To commemorate my initiation as a University student, I went late night shopping at Chadstone and Southland and walked out (haha pun) with 2 pairs of shoes.

Zu Killer Peep Toes

and Nike Midnight Navy/White Hi Dunk Skinny

I love them more than a chubby kid loves cupcakes [hells yeah I changed the saying]
Ok, so I just came back from a bar with friends so I'm a bit topsy tipsy!

Sweet dreams baby giraffes~


chocoloby said...

i think skinny dunk is one of the best nike in the past few years~