Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Halfway Semester

Today was my last day of University before Easter Break! Yaattaaaa~
So the Chinese Department is still uber slack on where they're placing me so I had to turn up to class today to do the test just so I don't get a zero. I think that is totally unfair if I hadn't known anything- which luckily I did from my primary days.
I got a 72 for winging it, thank the lord.
But I am grumpy that they can't decide on my placement, grrr!

(This is an old photo- thought it suited the grumpiness)

Went for midnight McDonalds and put my rubbish in these bins.. then I realised how little and cute they are! They're like 1/4 the size of Brisbane bins!

ANNNDDD this was my lunch for the last 2 days because the Sushi Shop round the corner does the most fresh, foodgasm sashimi.