Friday, March 26, 2010

Care Package

Get ready for a picture-filled blog of boredom!
Basically, I had coffee at 2 a.m because its irresistibly sweet and ended up unable to sleep til 7 a.m.

Care Package #1 - For my darling Desh

And because of all the miscellaneous stuff inside and I didn't have sticky tape....

My makeshift mail protection unit.. lol

Care Package #2 - For My Sibling Sister
We're obsessed and I downloaded the next 3 episodes that we both hadn't watched.. of Gossip Girl

And because I call her Hippo (long story) I saw this cute plushie and bought it!

Care Package #3 - For My March-born Mother
Fuel vouchers obtained from my grocery shopping

Pirated DVD's (Please don't dob me in!)

Mummy's favourite Melbourne Candy

Origami by David and pen I stole from Engineering Expo (I think its cute)

Birthday Card

And then..
MY BEAUTIFUL FACE (oh and David's) with Freddo Party Birthday Cake! Just to let Mum know that I'm celebrating with her still :)