Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok, so my make shift laptop (thanks to Wubs for lending me it, highly appreciated seeing as you need one yourself) only allows me to do a webcam shot of what I drew for my next entry in my visual diary.

OH I KNOW what you're thinking, how typical and oh so lame to draw a dragon, but that's what suited what I wanted to write about.

Note to those who don't know that I always draw and then fill in spots with my train of thought of the day.
Enjoy the lamity!

On a less brighter note, I skipped all my uni lectures today just to lay in bed. The blues really tied me down!
But I had a lovely pep talk with David and although he wanted me to burst in tears, it was soothing to just smooth out the bumps abit.

I just can't tell people how I'm feeling in a straight up vodka shot.
My blog is probably the closest thing people will ever get out of me.
Sorry for my rambles


masaaki_214 said...

you really love to draw...same as me but my drawing skills is not that good as yours...have a nice day Deena