Saturday, March 20, 2010


I realised when I was uploading the images to the laptop - this blog is all about food.
Let's start with,

I love food.
No wait, my heart is completely devoted and compassionate towards food.
Ohh my correction, my stomach is completely devoted and compassionate towards food.

Vince, Sheng and Wubs came over while I was studying hard at Uni and when I came home they had prepared a beautiful 3 course dinner for me to enjoy! I haven't had cheese sausages in ages and my god did my mouth water.

After a big Melbourne night out of Asian clubbing - I had one craving. A juicy, tender, succulent baby lamb wrapped in an encapsulating doner kebab. How tiny does my friend look, "Sir, can I please have a kebab?"

After buying tonnes of candy from a local lolly store, my mouth was sulking to me for some crispy roast pork. I hadn't had any since being in Melbourne so I didn't want no crappy, old pork that has been sitting under light ready to be microwaved. So my friend and I drove out to a decent asian area for some mighty, delectable pork.

One of my buys from the candy store! 1.58kg worth of Hershey Kisses. I loved these when I lived in Japan because when it was our birthday the school would give us one. I would patiently wait each year just to get one of these little chocolate droplets and then to be sung 'Round the Mountain' (Yeah, they sang that to us for our birthdays LOL) So seeing this huge bag of Hershey Kisses sitting in the shop, I had to get it - I had to plunge in my chocolate childhood.

I ended up removing the bananas and apples out of my fruit bowl, these babies took priority!


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dayum haha looks good