Thursday, March 25, 2010


Obviously my friend doesn't know how to light his smoke.

11 am - Woke up
12 pm - Went to Jaycar Electronics to buy a short circuit project (I'm a nerd)
1 pm - Shopped at Queen Victoria Market for fresh groceries
German Sausage Lunch
Get Mum's favourite candy for her birthday
3 pm - Picked up Sheng, Josh and Vince
4 pm - Went to Engineering Expo
4:15 pm - Realised that the Expo is shit and only for mainstreams so went on a hunt for freebies
5 pm - Did the shifties to get free stuff I really, really wanted
6 pm - Left
8 pm - Now eating dinner


rachel may said...

i shall remember that tofu tidbit for next time :D

you seem happier! that's good ^^~