Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chilly Tuesday

Hello blog world. This is your captain speaking, LOL not really. This is Bailey. Deena is resting her little precious head on the tray table on the seat next to me as we fly home from New York. We have on board wireless internet. The flight is 6.5 hours long so you kinda need something to help pass the time.

The last few days have been up and down. The temperature dropped to -10 degrees Celsius and as a result, we froze our facial features off! We took the train across the bridge and down to Brooklyn to see what it had to offer. I wanted to check out a few different stores but once we got off the subway I changed my mind as the weather was not worth the walk! We had a quick look around, saw the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan one too. It was cold. There wasn't too much going on so we headed back over to Manhattan. We both thought it would be better than it was...

There we found a cute little Japanese place for lunch. It was a great cheap eat that filled us both up and got our insides warm and ready to head back out into the cold. Deena went into Century 21, her new favorite store in NYC. Its a massive department store that sells everything at 30-60% off RRP. She stocked up on some more socks and we headed on our way.

We then made our way to Times Square and stopped off at a Starbucks for a warm drink. The weather was really cold so constantly getting something hot made the day more pleasant. Green tea latte for Deena and a Mocha for me!
Deena's boy Daniel Radcliffe

She got bargain Levi burgundy jeans

I wanted to check out one of the New York Yankee stores. I played baseball in Australia when I was growing up so it was really good to actually step into a store entirely dedicated to the Yankees. I bought a cap and a players shirt. Deena helped me choose. She also got a XXL size T-shirt to sleep in. I thought it was cute.

Deena was persistent on capturing her immaturity

After that we checked out some more souvenir stores on Broadway then headed up to 112th Street to see the famous Seinfeld Diner. Deena didn't really know what I was excited about. It doesn't look special at all but if you've watched the show it kinda makes you smile. The menu wasn't that great so we headed down to Chipotle for some Mexican.
We ate our food then made our way home in the cold. It was good to get indoors and defrost from the day's outings.


Then the not so pretty

The next day we woke up and had to pack for our return to LA. It was a little bit of a bummer for us to have to leave. LA is great, but it felt more like home being in NYC. Ted even offered us another week stay for free, but we couldn't change our flights.

We are about to land now, so I will get Deena to finish this off when she gets home!

Thank you Bailey for giving me a one day blog holiday


lalaaaanita said...

I like the way he writes Deena. You guys are good together :)

Anonymous said...

I liked Bailey's guest post- I've been following for a while and I enjoy all the content you post. Keep up the good work! Safe travels, Eirene.