Sunday, January 29, 2012

La 1st Gig

So yesterday was the Tet Festival - a Vietnamese celebration for the Chinese New Year. Everyone came over for a brief meeting and quick rehearsal then we headed through traffic to the Festival.

Kevin Lien - you know that Wedding Dress guy on Youtube? Drove Bailey and I but we got completely stuck in crazy traffic so we were there about half an hour after everyone else. We took out all our equipment and put it by the stage.

There were DJs, dancers and what not. Then our set went on, Momo was up first then Yuki then me then Can and Charles from Poreotics and finally, Kevin Lien. I had a lot of fun! I was pretty nervous but I'll have a look at the footage later to see if it was okay.

I had a good supportive crowd. Even some Australians were there so I felt a little more comfortable as they cheered their lungs out. Some people even came up to boogie it up in front of me. And right at the end, some people came up to give me hi 5s. I was really happy. I was lucky to have such a great crowd, especially for my very first show.

Afterwards, Kevin, Tony and Yuki had to do two songs up on the main stage where it was being filmed for TV then we all went to Korean BBQ for dinner. Yuki went home though. Our salesmen, band and all the musicians came to all eat. Man, I love Korean BBQ. I laughed so loud and so much over dinner. It was a great group of people!!


wallflwr said...

You're so lucky meeting so many great people and doing amazing things, I wish I was still in the OC right now.. I miss it so much :(