Monday, January 2, 2012


Ho hum! What have I gotten up to in the last 3 days..

I've been giving these to everybody that I come across in my USA path, like Ted my roommate, Tony and Sandi my housemates in LA and Christine & Momo from when I watched them jam the other day in LA! Haha aren't I just way too cute?!

Ohh, for New Years Eve, Bailey and I enjoyed a lovely stroll through Central Park and then checked out the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This one was fantastic! The shop was really cool too! I have never seen medieval artifacts and a huge variety of Egyptian ones. Melbourne recently had a Tutankhamen exhibition and New York's regular display just shat on it.

I followed this man for ages and snapped him in all his different binocular poses! I just loved how my camera + him + Upper East Side NY turned out in the photos! I don't know why, I think its slightly 1920 esque... LOL! He didn't realise how stalkerish I was being, phew!

Afterwards we went and looked at the Guggenheim Museum. I was excited for this one because I saw it in the movie "The International" and was so intrigued by the architecture. When I got there, it looked a little like an upside down cartoon poo but inside it was SO trippy!

The current exhibition of Maurizio Cattelan was done well with the interior of the Museum. All his works were hung (although some objects were disturbing). As you walked up the spiral there were hidden exhibitions as well of pop art and some other random art like drawing with a white border?? I didn't really quite understand it. Sometimes I think a 2 year old could make a living off art if he was the first one to do something very simple.

Holy sheep, Egyptian wigs!

Afterwards we went to 5th Avenue and then to Times Square - which was bloody packed. We looked at the crowds, looked at each other and went "NOPE" so we decided to go to the grocery stores, get some ingredients and go home.
Dude, this statue was a creeper.

We cooked parmigiana with sauteed mushrooms, and had strawberries and condensed milk for breakfast. I put on my new dress, he put on a shirt and we just listened to Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong up until midnight.

We went out onto the fire escape and the street was alive with air horns and cheering as the clock struck midnight. As I crawled back through the window, I knocked the shelf and I broke a mirror. How weird is that? I mean, I don't believe in superstition but the coincidence of it all, EEK!
New Years just felt scary to me, that 2011 is left behind. I was sleepy so nothing exciting for this young fella this year. I just went to bed after the countdown.

The following two are cheating - they're photos of prints. HAHA! I couldn't take them myself because of the current exhibition okayy!!

The next day, we caught the train to Chamber Street. The map said the ferry would leave from there but NO we were totally off so we had to walk ages to the southern tip of Manhattan. Oh well, it was a nice stroll through Battery City park. We finally got to the ferry pier and holy mackerel, the line was gigantic.
Crap photo - I didn't want to use flash on the cops incase they're like HEY! NO! How cute is their sniffer dogs? Are they called dobermans or blood hounds.. I forget.

Happy New Year!

We waited over an hour, went through security checks, got to go on a ferry and popped over to Liberty Island where we saw none other than the renowned Statue of Liberty. She was pretty and obscurely facing a strange direction. I took some snapshots then we popped over to Ellis Island which is right next door. This was where they used to hold all the immigrants for processing. I think it was really big with the Irish, Germans and Chinese! Anyway, I couldn't be bothered going through the museum so I just ate at the cafe then we headed back to New York.

View from the fire escape

We checked out Broadway Avenue then ate at a Vegetarian restaurant called Red Bamboo. It was delicious!

Today we ate at a Michelin Star restaurant called Momofuku Noodle Bar. It's pretty popular so it was busy when we got there. I got the Momofuku ramen and roasted rice cakes. Yeah it was good but I'd rather traditional Japanese ramen - this was nothing spesh. I was a little disappointed, paid a rip off price and left. We checked out little track bike stores for Bailey's hobby at Chari & Co. and NYC Velo then we walked up through Soho and Noho and enjoyed a little shopping.
Hahaha, when you can't see what they're doing from the camera's point of view.. IT'S FUNNY!

Look at the guy, not me photo bombing haha..

I joined in!

Bailey's sucks

I bought a beanie from Rei the adventure store. I always get my beanies from adventure stores because it means quality and warmth. Everything else from fashion stores are usually acrylic and I don't think it really does much to my big head.

Eerie chairs aye?

Best photos ever!

For breakfast the last two days, we've been spreading avocado on Italian sesame seed toast then juicing lime and sprinkling chilli flakes on it. It was delicious. I LOVE IT! NEW OBSESSION!


SO MANY PHOTOS.. I'm so sorry. I just can't be bothered blogging every day after a whole day of activities/walking around!

We were shaking our heads side to side trying to get an ugly shot, but it looks like we just sneezed..

I'm trying the whole no smiling thing that Bailey always does in photos LOL