Thursday, January 12, 2012


We left at about 5 am. Hopped in the car with our belongings and some other strange objects - a guitar and a stool. Tony and I - along with 5 other people have a gig at the end of January.

I didn't have any pics because its like my first time doing such a serious gig (and am totally freaked out about it) and Tony wanted new pictures.

We headed to El Mirage which is about 1.5 hours away. El Mirage is a dry lake that the desert sucked up and turned into a mass land of cracks on the ground. Its actually quite beautiful. Its a government owned land that people take their cars onto and just speed + drift. We went so early that the place was ours.

Despite the sun shining, it was bloody cold. Well close to zero degrees Celsius in my opinion. We took some snapshots and headed onto Vegas!

We stopped by for lunch at In-N-Out Burger and shopped around some outlets. I bought some silky smooth undies that I bought from the same place last year. They're so good, the advertisement says "It feels like a dream" and no joke, it feels like a dream.

We stopped by another outlet at the State line between Nevada and California. We were nearly at our destination. 30 minutes and we were at our hotel. We had to be a 5 minute drive from the strip because there was a CES convention going on on my birthday (some massive technology and gadgets convention where Microsoft, Samsung and eBay come along). This made planning my Celine Dion trip totally headache inducing. All the hotels costed about 700 bucks to book. I was so close to giving up until we decided that we'd stay on the 9th then trek back on the night of the 10th instead of staying over on that night.
Steak & Eggs breakfast for 3.99

Package from Phillip, all the way from Austraaalia!

Anyway, we checked in and had this insanely beautiful steak at Circus Circus' steakhouse. Apparently, its the best one on the strip for years! Poor Bailey had to eat side dishes of salad, fries and complimentary bread because this steakhouse had no rabbit food.

Two kids

Afterwards, the boys crashed and I watched NCIS and The Mentalist. I feel like I had two birthdays this year. On the 9th in America was the 10th over in Australia - so I got all my greetings that day and then again on the 10th in USA time. But I really didn't give a shit about my birthday so I slept through both countdowns.

Dayclub LOL

We woke up, checked out then had a Wynns buffet for lunch. Their shit is serious - the variety and quality was so beautiful I wish I was still sitting there right now! We then checked out hotels such as Aria and The Cosmopolitan. I put 20 in at my favourite fishy pokies, Tony put in 20 too! We lost at one machine but at the second one we gained it all back in one spin! So we checked it out and decided to put 10 each on Russian Roulette. I chose black and we won! So in the end we just made 10 bucks but it was fun for me because - although I can do this at home, you have to be 21 in USA.

We roamed about then went to Caesar's Palace, relaxed a bit, shopped at Celine's boutique then got ready for the concert. I bought my mum a DVD, postcard, shot glass and I bought myself a necklace HAHA. I love Celine. Bailey said to me, "there are only two people in the world that you truly love - your mum and Celine."

Number 8 is my favourite because when sideaways - its infinity! So this plus it being a Celine Dion necklace.. well I was so happy!

Funniest campaign

His statement is so very true! HAHA. I felt lame sitting in the Colosseum myself (I didn't expect the boys to join because she is about $200 a ticket and I'm the only mega fan). People packed around me on both sides and the concert started.

This old dude was laughing at us and decided to hop in the frame and look straight into the camera. Then he offered to take a nice one for us.

After he took this shot, he decided to joke around and run away with it hahaha. I stood there thinking, "I could easily catch up to you - might even give you a head start" hahaha but he was so funny! I love funny old blokes!

Wow, she blew me away completely. All the ladies and even the men around me were sobbing. She invoked emotions out of everyone with her powerful voice. Celine herself, even cried as she sang a French cover song - it was breathtaking. I wished it would never end but singing 90 minutes non-stop of high notes belting out would be tiring.

We headed home, stopped at State line for Maccas dinner then drove back. I tried to stay awake with Tony so for 4 hours I was deliriously singing and air drumming. Haha.
While I was at the concert, Bailey roamed the streets and collected 'trading cards' (lady service advertisement cards) and Tony played poker. Bailey saw two ladies on scooters crash into each other and say "Oops, I had too much" this was the best photo he could take!

Childhood favourite, but not so much anymore.. haha

Monster steak

We weren't allowed to take photos of the concert but I took a sneaky one of the theatre! I can't fathom how 4,200 people can come watch her every night! Its crazy! Did you know without Celine (when she left for 3 years) there was a 6 billion debt? And now that she's back, she makes about $300 million for Caesars each year and she gets paid $100 million for 210 shows! CRAZY.

Thank you to Bailey and Tony for accompanying me on my birthday journey for my one and only lady, Celine. I had a great birthday, didn't really feel like one but I am so stoked that I got to see my favourite lady on my least favourite day.


lalaaaanita said...


I am personally not much of a Celine fan, but I'm glad you got to see her - it'd definitely be an experience.

PS: You and Bailey are ADOOOOOORAAAAABBBBLLLLEEEEE together. Like, I feel like melting. Omg. I think I'm actually jealous of your cuteness.

Anonymous said...

whhhhyy would your birthday be your least favourite day! HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! im so glad the facts at the end of your post are back and in cartoon version! :)