Friday, January 6, 2012

Common Ground

So I came home on Thursday morning to be told by Tony that I should play at an Open Mic that following night. I was scared out of my bones but I knew I had to do it, otherwise I would be pathetic at the big festival gig at the end of January.
Thought I'd keep casual.. haha

Look at my NYC windburnt cheeks!

He said it would be about 50 people but I think there was more. The Stage Manager told me that I would be 5th but the MC got Deena and Nina confused so I was sitting in my seat and she called me up to play second. I FREAKED out.
Die hard baseball fan

All you can eat Korean BBQ lunch for 11 bucks with Tony for breakfast

I was so unprepared, I brought my guitar up and what not and did it. I was shaking furiously and I did mess up a few times but I hope it went unnoticed. People came up to me at intermission and afterwards, so I was happier. But really I wanted to run home and hide my embarrassed bottom.

One guy said I did fantastic and then I saw him play as the last featured artist of the night and HOLY shit he blew me away. He reminded me of Mumford & Sons lead singer. There were even some really good spoken word. Afterwards all the workers, artists, volunteers, guests went to eat Vietnamese. We had this massive long table and just chit chatted away. It was a positive event. Everyone just kept saying that they loved my Australian accent. Hahaha, I don't hear it though hey?
My hair tie good luck charms (I have a minnie and a pooh too!)

Overall, I'm happy I did it. I hope I only grow from here.
Look at these cabbage looking flowers!

Today I checked out Guitar Centre - which is their music store chains. HEY MAN, THAT STORE IS BIG. I was like WOOOOOW they have a huge selection in EVERYTHING! I went and got a guitar strap - as much as I think guitar straps are a little lame-esque for acoustic guitars, if there was ever a time I needed to stand, I guess I can't really hold it with my skinny limbs. So, I went to the strap rack (that sounds a little odd) and picked out the last black suede one and a brown suede. I felt like I was picking out a belt.
"Oh but uh this one goes with my guitar, aww but black never goes out!"
I debated with my head over and over and ended up getting the brown one.

We went to an audio store in LA, Fry's Electronics, Albertsons, Apple (all for Tony's errands) and then IKEA. In America, they have like a clearance section where all the damaged goods gets sold! Anyway, we got a cabinet for Tony and I got myself a wooden step ladder/stool.

I'll be doing another gig at the end of the month and Tony said I should get my own chair because last night I looked like a behemoth in a mouse's chair because I'm kind of tall (not really, just for an Asian) and so my knees came up to my chin. LOL.
Anyway, I really like this stool.. I want to draw all over it and put it in my make shift room (which is actually more of a study/storage room?)

We ate dinner at IKEA. I love how cheap it is! Anyway I took my straw out of the packet and tried to suck up my drink but no liquids were coming through. I ended up getting a sealed one at one end! What are the odds of that?!?! Yeah, well I got a second one and the SAME thing happened! Hahaha so Tony and I got a couple of more and they were all fine. It's either I'm really lucky or unlucky.

I'd say unlucky because when I had my hands full holding stuff, I was trying to get in the car and because the car was on a slight slant, the car door was retracting fast. I imagined myself to have cat reflexes but instead my head ended up helpless between the car door and the car. Yep, I slammed my head in the car door. LMFAO. Afterwards, I couldn't stop laughing at how easily avoidable that situation could've been - but instead I am now a purple shaded egg head. It hurties!


lalaaaanita said...

IT'S WEIRD HAVING PEOPLE COMPLIMENT YOUR HANDS!! They really aren't that great and my nails are refusing to grow atm :( MAKES ME SAD!!

WE ARE GREAT! 2012 is wonderful and I see Ryan quiteeeee a lot! HOW IS AMERICA/BAILEY GOING?!?!


Hope you're taking care and all that