Sunday, April 1, 2012


I'm not around as much in the 2012 blog world but that's because I'm dead beat tired.
I'm tired of writing about recording
I'm tired of only ever doing recording
I'm tired of boring everyone who has to read only about recording... or cute dog pictures
I'm tired.

It is so much work doing this independently. More so than you could ever imagine.

Plus, Apple has had my laptop in possession. Had to take it in twice. The ram died and then some keys popped out and the computer would freeze up. Glad to have it back.

I haven't been to church in years. Nor do I really believe in it. But I went last week and it was calming. This church was far from traditional so it was really all not too bad. I still don't believe in it but I wanna go again. It's like hearing a motivational speaker sometimes.

I'm up to vocals on my songs now. And brainstorming album designs.
I've been losing grip a bit if this is all worth it but I think of him and it keeps my drive going. I can do this. What I'll do after this is another question


lalaaaanita said...

This is what you're doing now. Let Future Deena deal with what happens after.

Hope you're doing okay <3

lalaaaanita said...

I am so bad at Draw Something. And it's terrible cos I use a HTC so I can't even take a picture of my screen and be like 'what the hell is this?!'

I have been better! Uni is really screwing me about - no idea what I want, or anything. I think the Hunger Games books are wayyy better! You should definitely read it :) When do you get home?!

You know James?! Holy crap, how! I WANNA HEAR THIS STORY.

Ryan and I actually broke up on Monday ... for the best. His being a bit of a dick (we agreed no contact for a while, and I didn't respond to a text and he got shitty). But I am okay, surprisingly. How is Bailey? :)

ALSO - I am applying to do Engineering in Melbourne next year! :D