Friday, August 17, 2012

Baraki Show

Last night was my very first Australian show, in Melbourne. Everything went so well, all that stressing, fretting and organising paid off. I am so glad I did it. My nerves subsided as soon as I sang my third song and instead adrenaline kicked in. Sometimes I was completely in the zone with my songs.

I've been learning a lot too. What you hear when you're practising at home, is totally different when PA systems, microphones and amplication etc. is involved. Sometimes I couldn't hear my guitar at all, sometimes my guitar would buzz out like crazy, or I couldn't hear my voice well either but you have to make do because out there, in the audience, they are hearing completely different things.

I had a great turn out! Over 70+ crammed into the puny bar space and I was so happy. I did end up finding another support act and Christina & Chris did great too! I totally enjoyed performing, its a thrill and an indescribable feeling. I wanna do more, I wanna share my music more.
I mean, I barely made any money from it but I don't care. Thanks to King, I found my passion. The night was so beautiful. Thanks to Baraki Bar, Frizz & Nino for being my band on such short notice, Christina & Chris for being my support, Michael for being the greatest driver EVERYWHERE I needed and sacrificing his sleep for me, my little sales team and everyone for coming to support me.
I saw more people I was unfamiliar with than friends so I was very touched. Also a little disheartened that some friends didn't come but ah well. It was a great Thursday night.

I think my songs were much more appreciated live and unplugged. I just can't believe I did all this.
I feel amazing, I feel happy!
 I'll post some more photos when I get them!


lalaaaanita said...

Wish I could've been there! I knew you'd do amazingly though :)

Hope all else is well!