Friday, August 3, 2012

Zachary & Zephyr

I've just been trying to recover from jet lag. It's the worst I've had ever. Perhaps because it is such a topsy turvy time difference that its bullying my body badly. From the terribly lack of sleep, to returning back to the winter cold and getting food poisoning from oily Chinese foods that I haven't had in over 8 months - I have woken up today, feeling absolutely miserable.

However, I did see my first bundle of friends yesterday. I reunited with my old band - Josh, the one who got married last year has been blessed with the most adorable twins - Zachary and Zephyr. Josh used to babysit me when I was 12 so I'm totally excited to babysit his monsters!
I was so excited to see them, they're so adorable. But when I held them I felt absolutely queasy. I have a phobia of blood and they just reminded me of the horrible process. I would ultimately want to have one child but I don't know if I could squeeze one out. I feel really dizzy even typing it.

I hung out with Iva (Josh's wife), Josh, Quinton and the two twins for a few hours. Got to witness them crying, pooping, squirming, nappy changes, vomiting, feeding haha. Then Quinton and I left to go join his family for dinner. He's moving back to Hong Kong permanently this weekend.

I was so lucky to be spoiled with TWO PEKING DUCKS! My favourite! Then Quinton tapped me to look outside and I saw this dark man just glaring at me and I realised... IT WAS MY BEST FRIEND, DESHNA! Hahahahhahahaha who isn't a man but a fine woman I'm so sorry! HAHAHA. I ran and hugged her and her parents. I was super stoked to see them. The coincidental surprise made me so joyous!

The dinner was really good but my tummy was so upset that I had to hold it in all the way home. That's when I got super sick.

Today was a lovely day. Daniel my very close friend since we were 11 years old, came over and ate mum's spaghetti with me. We were so bloated. We then caught up and played cards.

Afterwards, I drove to Peter's to wash his car and clean his room. He is an electrician so his ute was absolutely filthy. He paid for my flight change so that I could go to King's tribute and I didn't want to owe any money so I worked it off. I can't believe its nearly a year since King's passing. I do miss him a lot. Peter and I shared stories today and I heard some lovely stuff that King said about me many many years ago.

Peter and I went into the city and had Korean BBQ until we rolled over belly up, and then we shopped for his work socks.

This was such a boring blog, I know. But I am so so so lacking in sleep that my mind is point blank.
I've started to make my rounds to forgive the people I have held grudges against. Well.... some might still need some time but its time to just let go. I see others around me that are so wound up and if your happiness depends on what somebody else does, then you'll have a problem. Gotta decide to be happy yourself.