Thursday, August 9, 2012


I am coping with a lot of stress right now for the show next week. But never mind, problems make us stronger! It's just I want to have a good performance so I would rather sacrifice becoming stronger for a great show.

I'll figure it out, its the only way. Might have to be an unplugged acoustic session.

Last night was interesting! I was out with my friend's family for his birthday and we were the last ones at the restaurant still eating. Then his aunty who I've known for 5 years, asks me, "Deena, are you a singer?!"

I quickly said, "No!"
Then the aunty said, "But the waitress said that you are..."
We all turn around to the waitress where we hear her say, "I've seen you sing, onlineee!"

The blood quickly drained out of my face as I rebutted questions thrown at me! Hahaha it was so funny! My friend was laughing his ass off and feeding the fire by saying, "YEAH SHE'S GOT AN ALBUM! AND A SHOW NEXT WEEK!"

Oh man I copped questions all night. Even my friend's mum reminded me, "Don't expect a career out of this okay!! Keep it as a hobby!" Hahahahahhaha!

The restaurant gave me beautiful lillies. Later, I walked up to the girl and said hello. She blurted out that she's known me for a while, through some photos then onto my blog then onto my music. She said she also wanted to say something when I walked in but she didn't want to embarrass herself. I was very flattered!

When I came home that night, I saw that she had bought my album! :)
The hardcopy can be bought hereeee btw

Anyway, shout out to Louise the waitress - for embarrassing me completely!! Hahahaha

My family friend just came back from Taiwan and gave me some Taiwanese Aboriginal goodies! I took two of the bracelets.