Monday, February 1, 2010

Burglars & Pasta

I got woken up by this Bogan couple today, I answered the door
"Oh sorry, we're looking for an Aussie family, I think we have the wrong house."
"Oh snap, ouch. Bye!" *I slam the door*

Then I found out the neighbours got robbed, so I have to talk to police tomorrow because I'm the only witness.
I feel like the baby of Bruce Lee and Sherlock Holmes, loves it.

I got mail today, Otter the cigar box ukulele arrived! The sound is so rich and beautiful.

I don't wear glasses but I'm imitating my friend on skype today!

He also went step by step to teaching me how to cook, guess who cooked for the first time!!!
I was so excited slash happy slash scared! Above is le resulto.

I wanted to share one of my buys in the Japan December trip. It's the mascot for the Tokyo Tower but can I hear someone say LOL?
THE PLUSHIE (don't know why I was so mesmerized by the nipple antenna)