Friday, March 12, 2010

Break & Enter

My awesome Japanese handbag is gone.
My Country Road bag is gone.
My Uni workbooks are gone.
My Uni textbooks are gone.
My Uni assignments are gone.
My keys are gone.
My access card is gone.
My wallet WAS gone (but nice civilians went through a lot of effort to get it back to me after finding it at a carnival)

My laptop is gone.

That laptop was the left valve of my heart and 4 years of my life - fragment of my soul.

It's quite devastating.
All my friends lost a laptop or two each as well (we all came from Uni)

Anyway, one sentence summary - went to eat dinner came back and found our friend's car windows smashed and everything which was in the boot was taken.

Anyone who reads this, don't tell my mum (I don't need her worrying and she already knows about my wallet and went ballistic)


chocoloby said...

Are u feeling ok pretty green? I kno losing ur comp is worst than losing abything to u...;(

masaaki_214 said...

aw...what a pain...don't worry Deena i know you lost your things but you never lost your hope T.T