Monday, January 16, 2012


I haven't been doing too much. Just been playing with the dogs, doing the promotional stuff (flyers and posters) for the gig coming up for a festival in the OC at the end of the month.

That's taking a lot more time than I thought. I also gotta figure out two more songs to do. BLEH.

Tony cooks pretty well surprisingly!

Bailey came over last night and I helped him with his resume. He's broke as, so he needs to try and find a job. Plus, he's super bored so he wants to work.

For my sister's birthday, I sang one of her favourite songs. It was super difficult - its not really suited for my manly vocal box but oh well. Tony and I were rushed as well, haha we went to a school hall to do it and the janitor was just like, "You have 20 minutes."

Have I mentioned that Honey the dog gets so excited when she sees me that she pees? Every morning when I hop out of my room, its nearly a chore to clean up her mess. Hahaha sometimes I yell out "NO HONEY DON'T DO IT!!!!" and it works, sometimes it doesn't. LOL!

She is so adorable though, her face is so ugly and angry that she is cute. And her low intelligence, the way her tail propels rather than swings sideways and how she squirms and wiggles to try and hold her excited energy - just makes her so adorable. Her bottom lip folds in like a Shar Pei so for a girl.. she has absolute horrible breath. HAHAHA