Friday, December 30, 2011

Empire Museum of Shake Shack

We rocked up to the Empire State Building to only be HAMMERED by waiting lines. We only wanted to collect our New York City Pass (which Nate gifted to me as a farewell present) but that took a bloody hour and a half. We didn't even want to go up to the observatory yet!

Bailey decided that to cope with all my shopping, he was going to entertain himself by wearing everything he could.... enjoy all the photos

Borderline gay I reckon..

We decided to grab some lunch at a cheap but delicious pizza joint and then we shopped 34th street. I got myself a pair of shoes! They're really cute Steve Madden boots with a little heel on them at 40% off!

The day went by quickly, I bought my mum a 14k gold cross as a Christmas present because her current gold jewelry weirdly eroded in colour.

I was trying to make him look like a macaron

This one is for my mum. She thought the State of Liberty had more of a cat's paw pose

Then we got ourselves Starbucks so we could enjoy them as we lined up for the Empire State Building... again. This time round the line was shorter but because we only lined up for the ticket booth last time it still took about 2 hours until we finally got up to the top. Terrible huh? Plus we didn't even get to enjoy our Starbucks at the top - there was no ventilation in the line that I just sculled it to get rid of the hot cup in my hand.

We got a free audio tour and that was good to listen to! The view was beautiful, I was up there until nearly 2am. Back in those days they expected the death toll of builders to be about 1 for every floor they build so for the Empire State - they predicted about 102 deaths. There were only 5 though, 2 fell off and 1 decided to look in the elevator shaft for when it would arrive - but unluckily it was just as he stuck his head out!

I stuck my hand and head out of the barrier to take this photo HAHA

There had also been an airplane crash on a foggy day but because the building is compromised of steel work, it did nothing on the building but unfortunately had killed 14 people. It held the title of the tallest New York City building for 30 years until one of the World Trade Towers went up in 1970-something.

He has such pretty eyes!

...and pretty facial expressions

That day was the coldest I had to deal with in New York and when I went up to the top, the winds were driving at like 100 miles an hour - it was INSANE!

He could be a girl if he had my hair

The next day we went to the American Museum of Natural History and that was SO BUSY! Luckily, with our New York City Passes we got to skip the line and jump right in. I couldn't be bothered reading anything at all because there were so many people around. I love museums though, especially the shops. I bought a jellyfish paper weight, it glows in the dark. We also saw a cool Tornado Alley film at the IMAX theatre!

This reminds me of Mohabs my old security guard!!! :(

We also had lunch with our roommates Ted and Matt at a really good Thai restaurant with awesome lunch specials! Ted is originally from Philadelphia and Matt is from Milwaukee. They're really easy going lovely blokes!

We went back to 34th and 5th avenue to do some gift shopping - I picked up a Tommy Hilfiger sweater for 25 bucks! Haha its funny because I got one last year at a sale but in white for the same price and I've been trying to find a black one and voila, one year later I get one for bargain price!

We then ate at Tick Tock diner. I got myself a $19.95 New York Angus Strip Steak with creamed spinach, onion rings, fries and a salad. Geez Louise, it was a massive meal but gosh it was SO SO SO SO SO tender and delicious! Good price huh?!

It was super cold that day so we went home.
Our dizzy heads were playing up still so we took today easy. We went to the post office so I could post some gifts to my mum, Michael, Chris and Kevin. That took forever. USA post systems suck time.

My favourite tree so far! Decorated with origami animals!

Deshna and friend

We then caught the metro down to 77th and Columbus avenue for Shake Shack - a renowned burger joint. The line was pretty big at 4:30pm already, we had to eat outside! My burger was definitely delicious (I got two paddies too!) probably the best burger I've had in America yet! Bailey's was a vegetarian rip off for 7 bucks. He said it was delicious but way too small. People create a huge hype about the Mushroom burger though!

What Jew up to?

Bailey got himself a slice of pizza because by then, Shake Shack had a line going out to the corner of the street!

I went home and Bailey went to enjoy a Cro-Mag show at Highline Ballroom. Now I'm pigging out on American junk - poptarts, corn nuts, Italian sesame bread, gummy bears yum yum yum!

Um, which way is one way?

Second dinner pig

Not really feeling it after 2 hours of waiting in line hey?


AL. said...


I didn't really sort things out with Ryan, we're working on it though. We've both kind of agreed to just have a good night tonight and a good start to 2012 before we start dealing with all our/my issues.

It's good that you're there for him though. It must be difficult for you, but he's been there for you as well. I'm sure he's very thankful for the support, and everything. Must be good to just take his mind off things, laughing at the silly things you do. You both look exceptionally happy as well :)

I am going to his friend's New Years party tonight. We were supposed to go to one being thrown by my mates, but the hostess ended up really sick and now we're going to his. I'm a bit worried though - what if I over or under dress, or do something really stupid? I know Ryan and I aren't too great at the moment too ... I hope it turns out to be an okay night!

I'll do some blog posts on what I'm doing :) What is your plan for NYE?! Living it out in New York and all that - so jealous. When do you fly back to LA? I have to admit, I would probably kill for a mushroom veggie burger right now - sounds so good.


AL. said...

IT WAS ACTUALLY AMAZING! The party was so awesome, and I spent the night just relaxing with Ryan and everyhting just felt really normal! Everybody kept coming up to us and telling us how CUUUUUUTE we looked (they were all drunk). I spent midnight with him on the bonnet of his car, so that was a lot of fun haha ;)

My dad is back now, but my mother and brother are still gone. We're okay I guess. I kind of made him a bit angry at me when he dropped me off, but I know how to fix it and will be doing so as soon as I possibly can. I know that I like him a lot, and he likes me, and there's just a few things we need to work out.

How'd you break a mirror?! What'd you guys do your new years?! DETAILS PLEASE