Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Banjo Peterson

It's even harder when there is conflict of interest within the work relationships. Makes it tough. I've got no drive except for that I'm nearly there. But now I'm scared everything is going to come out emotionless. What if this Saturday when I sing my vocals, it's all dud?

BLAAAAH! I want to go to Mexico or Canada after all this for a few days. Let my stress and hard work pay off next to a pina colada or something rather. Oh crap, I can't have a pina colada on this side of the world hahahaha.

I've steered away from the music side of things to let my brain fuss over something different. I've been working on the design side, but just the text parts - and even that takes forever. Who would've thought?

Oh, I bought a banjo. I named it 'Banjo Peterson' as a play on the famous Australian bush poet 'Banjo Paterson' and the gentleman I bought it off's name which is Ted Peterson. Haha I love it, I can't wait to learn how to play it!


Anonymous said...

Haha, drinking age for Canada is 19 and Mexico is 18 :D.