Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Feaster

Wow! I had an amazing feast for Easter. Sandi cooked up a storm and invited a whole bunch of people. I made a small contribution with a Waldorf salad. We had a whole leg of ham, a whole turkey, 2 salads, 2 casseroles, whole basket of tea biscuits, stuffing, mashed potato etc.
This was post-Easter after a heavy food coma

Dessert was macerated strawberries and a banana pineapple bundt cake with orange glaze. YUM!

Sandi and I went to church in the morning then prepped for the feast. Afterwards, Bailey and I went swimming and then washed the dogs. It was fun. Beautiful weather.

Someone else had a food coma too

Happy Easter from the pups

I also recorded vocals over the weekend - 8 hours, 10 songs! I've got drums to record tomorrow at Sound Matrix studios for 6 of my songs...

Recording checklist

I fell asleep so early with a food coma!

Happy Easter everyone! This Easter was much more significant to me than any other. Hope everyone else's was fantastic too!


lalaaaanita said...

Aw sounds like you had a lovely Easter! I actually miss food comas. I can't eat like that anymore - even if I try :(

Mining fascinates me - the whole ecosystems type thing, and somehow I think that isolation can be good for me. I'm not very good at being alone, but I'm learning how to.

I want to get both done! And then three helix piercings. Which one did you have to take out?! I'm just getting sick of me :( if it weren't for my lack of money/massive plans that require money for my 18th, I'd have so many piercings :(