Saturday, April 28, 2012


I've let the days slip by me so I'll just do a photo blog. I feel lighter and happy this week. Yesterday I got a package from my friend who bought me some material goodies to indulge in as a belated birthday present (4 months late, good one! haha)
Another one of Sandi's grandiose meals

Made Sandi's best friend, Patty a birthday card! She's super into scuba diving (way more than me) so I wrote in the card "I heard you liked the sea so here's something fishy" hahaa I'm terribly lame

Made Mother's Day cards in advance for my mummy and Sandi

I baked chocolate earthquake cookies. They were delicious!

Two piggies

Exercised both my arms on Wii Sports. My arms actually were extremely sore!

They got in trouble for taking my white tog top through the garden... hahaha

So I tied it on his head.. he didn't really care though!

Look how dirty they made it!!

Sat in on Can from Poreotics' live DJ webcast

Sourdough heart

Sourdough heartbroken

Went swimming!

Sunbathing time!

Some guack in the sun

Got a new fishy! I named it Ruby so I made him a name plate! haha


So light on Pluto!

Heavyweight in Jupiter

Me & Einstein just chilling, pointing fingers at each other

Los Angeles

I was so bummed I couldn't look through the cool gigantic telescope. But at least I got to take a quick photo while its covers were closing!

Who names a pharmacy - Ethical Drugs?

After the Planetarium, Hai took me to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and we walked around campus. There are some gorgeous buildings!

Some beautiful piano melody came from the direction of this building so we moved close enough to enjoy the tunes... after they left we decided to explain our curiousity of why there was a piano there on the first place.

We assumed that it would be locked up for music graduates but we lifted up the cover that said "forecasted rain so keep covered!" which I thought was cute... Anyway another message was under the covers "Play me, I'm yours!"

Hai played me some John Legend tunes. I had no idea he could sing so well. Then I indulged in a few melodies too. Its definitely a moment I will take away with me. It was so nice to play on a bummy street piano in the middle of UCLA campus. People were walking by and playing soccer in the field etc.

I went to the nursery with Sandi to rejuvenate the garden

A WHOLE TROLLEY FULL OF PLANTS!! YAYAYAY! I really like herbs... I'm a dork

Then for lunch, I made some homemade KBBQ for myself

Then it was time to exercise the dogs with an afternoon swim.. Me and Honey had some girl time drying off in the sun. HOW FUNNY IS THAT PHOTO! Hahaha

My cutiepies


lalaaaanita said...

Your photos always make me smile. I'm jealous of your swimming, and the sun. I can't even force myself out of bed anymore :(

I hope you've been well Deena :)