Monday, April 23, 2012

Rock for Smiles

Well, this week is a much more refreshing week. I've decided to stay away from the negatives and concentrate on me. And I feel lighter.

Apart from having some technical difficulties which is putting my album on hold. I've been working on the designs and graphics for the album. Yeahhh I'm trying to do the majority myself to save on the dosh.
Sun-smart sun-baking

I'm nearly finished! I'm going to work on the cover today and then I just have one more thing to do and the album (design aspect) is finito!

Yesterday I had the privilege of being invited to perform at the Rock for Smiles concert which was raising money for the Operation Smile charity. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of people.. other people that performed were Can from Poreotics, Tony, Momo & Tops danced, Casey Nishizu & Scott Yoshimoto, Jasmine Rafael, Kevin Lien,Alexie from SYTYCD season 7 and more!
Frantically rehearsing beforehand

It was my first public performance where I purely played guitar by myself. That was 'Wonderwall' and yeah I was really nervous. I look back at the video and I'm thinking "Shit, I look pissed"

Hahah I've really gotta get comfortable and smile more! I had a lot of fun though. The crowd was super nice and warm to me. After the show, I had people ask for my autograph. That was my first time EVER! I got way more excited than they were and I'm like OHHHHHH LET'S TAKE A PHOTOOOO CAN WE TAKE A PHOTO!!!

Hahaha I ended up signing 3 shoes, a tshirt and a pile of flyers! I surprisingly had a lot more girls than boys come up to me!

One person came up to me and was like "You're the first person I've met from Australia." and I was like.. "Well, you haven't actually met me yet! I'm Deena!!"

Afterwards, all the performers and helpers went to eat at Coconut Bay (some confused restaurant which is a bar/club and pool joint as well). I drank a little bit courtesy of Casey and I couldn't stop giggling all night. Everyone was such a lovely bunch!
The girl in the middle was so adorable. Her and her mum were fans and organised the photo! We didn't even think of taking one! Then she sent Tony a beautiful letter saying how her mum and her were extremely touched by the music! AWW!

It feels good to have a turn around this week.


lalaaaanita said...

I saw your performance of Wonderwall and listened to it about three times on repeat until I realised I was late for uni. YAY GO ME.

I can't wait for your album :) Hope everything is okay <3