Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lynch Ambulance

I had a lovely chill out day with Sandi today.
We went grocery shopping and I stocked up. We went to three different grocers - Trader Joe's, Fresh & Easy and Albertson's.
We decided we would have dinner together so we got a London broil steak and grilled it on the barbecue, sauteed onions and a spinach rocket Asian salad.
It was delicious, but before we even got home we decided to pop in for a Chinese massage.
Um, we don't even drink this crap back at home..? I've never heard of it!

I really needed all the stress bumps kneaded out of me. They thought Sandi was my mum (she's Caucasian) but they looked at me and thought I was slightly Chinese. So I blurted out my terrible Chinese and they were like "OH! WOW SHE SPEAKS CHINESE" and the whole place turned around hahaha!

I saw an ambulance with my last name on it! Pretty cool!

So I've done all my album designs except the main parts.. the cover and the images! The typography and blah is all done though! Surprisingly, it took a long time! Now to get my brain beaten up over the cover and images... I mean, if I get the music part done (sigh)

This project is draining...


lalaaaanita said...

Aw, I'm glad you're so close to finishing though! How exactly will I go about getting a copy of this? :)

I think I'd prefer to go to RMIT anyway, but I haven't really looked into it enough. I think I want to do Mining, though I don't even know if they offer it down there. What Engineering did you study?

Are you excited to get home? Brisbane or Melbourne? What are you planning on doing? Why so many questions?!

I do miss it, right now. Like, it'd be nice to have somebody to snuggle up to at night and to talk to about anything, but I am okay. Better than okay. Where is his band planning on touring? The states or Australia?

I want to get a quote tattooed on the back of my thigh, unsure as to which one yet. I also want nipple piercings and a couple of odd ear ones. I'm just needing some change to my appearance.

I hope you've been well too Deena :)