Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corona Del Mar

The people around me are selfish and evil. And you know what, I'm tired of bending over backwards to keep my morality pure and strong. It's me time now.

I'm not going to tolerate things anymore. I'm going to put me first and start living my life. I'm not going to drop everything I'm working towards each time someone cries wolf. Borderline personality disorders are draining and difficult to explain.

I also would like the respect of privacy. Yeah, I know - I write blogs. I also ranted on the blog but for those who had the time to read it I took it down now. Just that nosiness & good nature got my ass coated in deep shit.

I'm tired.

My friend, Hai took me out to a cute little old part of Orange - it looked like a movie studio. We had Spanish/Cuban food!! It was 3 courses for like 15 bucks. Pretty good and yummy!

Afterwards, we walked around and then drove around Orange County until we settled at Corona Del Mar. There we let our thoughts pour out into the ocean and I got to take a weight off my shoulders.

I have also finished all the lead vocals for the album! Yay! I've got a gig this week for a charity concert (Operations Smile) so that's exciting. The best part about it is that I'm not cool enough so my name doesn't appear on the poster hahahaha! The likes of Can from Poreotics, Jasmine Rafael and Scott Yoshimoto has the talent thunder.

But I'm totally cool with it! I am the inexperienced, shy kid who is at the bottom of the food chain. Nom nom nom