Monday, May 14, 2012

Granville Island

Today we caught a bus to Granville Island - which reminds me of a smoosh between Pier 39 at San Francisco, Vic Market in Melbourne and Sanctuary Cove up at the Gold Coast. It was a nice atmosphere and lots of great food and crafts.

Lots of brilliant buskers were out and about, as well as some pretty shot ones. We had lunch by the river side. We all had pot pies and a juice. Afterwards, we walked around and didn't buy anything because it seemed a little over priced. I did stop by a millinery and bought myself a pretty black long fedora hat. I like it.

I got to play a beautiful instrument called Sensula. That's my next instrument on my list. I just couldn't afford to fork out 140 bucks on it. I'm sure its cheaper elsewhere.

I'm a little tipsy as I type this. I warn you incase things seem odd. After Granville Island, we walked around by the river side until our feet took us to Kitsilano beach. Its crazy how people were sun baking when the wind was super cold but I guess it was super warm for Canada.

I find that laws aren't really enforced here. But then again the city is very clean and well behaved so I guess it doesn't really need to be. Dogs are allowed to run free without leashes and people smoke weed everywhere.

I've only seen 2 cop cars now. There are a lot of bums asking for money though. One time a lady in a business suit and stilettos with a Starbucks coffee in her hand asked for money and we were like, "WTF DID SHE JUST ASK FOR MONEY? IS SHE SERIOUS?"

At Kitsilano beach we caught the ferry to the Aquatic centre and walked over to Nandos. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an addiction to Nandos (Portugese- South African chicken). I was so happy to satisfy my 5 month craving. It tastes better back at home though.

We then shopped on Granville & Robson street then walked back to the hostel. We all took a nanny nap. At 8 o'clock some friends of Tony's met us where we stayed and we walked over to Gastown for some Ethiopian food.

It was really delicious and I like the bread they serve the food with. It's kinda like sour pancakes. I was so full and bloated. I ate so much good food today.

We then walked over to waterfront and settled at a brewery joint called Steamworks. It was a really nice place. I mean their toilets even had double cubicles so two girlfriends can pee together - yay!

I love these things, and they're extra big in Vancouver. Does that mean bigger wishes granted?

I had a shitty cocktail called Tropic Thunder and then I made my own concoction the second time round. Man, the ratio of mint and lime in my drink was so good that I was so happy. I couldn't stop saying it. Everyone was like, "SAY IT AGAIN DEENA. SAY HOW GOOD THE RATIO IS!"

One of the friends was from Belgium so he had a Parisian-esque accent. I enjoyed it. I made him say all these stupid things like "Latte, please."
Eagle's nest in a tree

One of the girls just stopped by in Vancouver that night from London so she was sleepy so she headed on home. Tony, Bailey and I stayed at the brewery joint for a little longer where a bartender started chatting with us.

Turns out that its a small, small world and he was from the same suburb, same city as where my family lives so that was funny. The terrible thing was that he has been in Canada for a few years and his accent is completely gone. Even when he said "Oh when I get drunk my Australian accent kicks back in" it totally didn't sound Australian. His imitation was terrible. I hope I never get like that. I like my Aussie accent.

Now its time to wind down. And yes, I'm in the cafe again. Totally tipsy this time, but enjoying a lovely Jasmine tea. This is such an un-classy , informal blog post. I like Vancouver. Well, I like spring in Vancouver. It reminds me of home. I think I would hate winter here though..

Our last full day tomorrow. We're going to go to Stanley Park with our new friends and enjoy the nature.