Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lake Havasu, Arizona

We woke up nice and early and headed our way to the airport. It was bittersweet to leave, but Vancouver was starting to run outta things for us to do anyway!!

We had Burger King for breakfast, jumped on the plane and headed off back to Orange County. Bailey had his 7th nose bleed on the plane because the Canadian air is super dry! Ugh and we all know I have a blood phobia so I was queasy in my seat.

We landed, rolled out and Gary met us there with his big ol' American pick up truck! We got back home, said hello to the dogs who missed us so terribly, repacked, dropped off Tony and headed on out to Parker, Arizona.

It was a long ride through the desert. I'd say about 4.5 hours. We had dinner at In-N-Out Burgers and drove through Palm Springs. Palm Springs has this AMAZING wind energy farm so there was miles and miles of these modern windmills swishing away. I've heard about them as a little kid but have never feasted my eyes on that many!

We finally made it, a place where its full of RVs and trailer homes. In America, their trailer homes are a lot more elaborate (they don't move). There is no mobile reception out here!

Bailey and I were exhausted from Canada, so after dinner and meeting everybody - we pretty much conked out.

Apparently, Marc Anthony owns the green house behind us!

Our 2nd day was a tourist day. So Gary, Kyle, Bailey and I headed into town for breakfast then towards Lake Havasu. Now, what's famous in Lake Havasu is the London Bridge that they bought off England in like the 1800's. You know that famous song, "London Bridge is falling down..?"

I think that's the one that got shipped over to Arizona. We had ice cream, fed fat carps and pigeons, did a bit of tourist shopping and then sent in the boats and jet skis for some maintenance issues. That ate up the whole day. We shopped at Walmart then was able to make it home by 5pm to trial out the jet skis. It's WAY easier out in the river than out at sea, so I found it piss easy. Although, this river is unlike any other river I've seen. The colour and choppiness sometimes resembles the sea. This Colorado river ain't no pansy creek.

We all had dinner together, hamburgers and potato salad. Wild donkeys usually come about to say hello, inquire about food and then hang about. They are SO cute! Two baby donkeys came along too. We also saw two coyotes lurking - like dingoes huh! Hung about then fell asleep.

Our 3rd day was a water day. We spent hours out at the river. I drove the jet skis over to the dam. Unfortunately I couldn't take any snaps. Then we pulled by a river bed that was empty and played in the water.

Afterwards, we quickly drove out to the cliffs and the boys & I went cliff diving. I was a little hesitant at first but I quickly rose my hand up and said IM GOING OUT THERE! And jumped out and swam to shore haha.

I knew that there wouldn't be another opportunity like this in a long while. I hiked up the rocks, heaved my lazy body onto the top of the cliff and peered down. Holy guacamole was it SUPER scary from up there! I was scared I was going to break bones. Luckily, all I ended up breaking was my shorts. It split open as it hit the concrete water haha. I also thwacked my mouth a little I reckon, because I tasted blood when I rose up. Another has a HUGE butt bruise.. it was that high that you really had to fall in the right way! Bailey was too chicken :P hehe! I was the only lady too!

Otherwise it was a HUGE adrenaline rush, super scary but super worth it. I was mainly scared because there were three large rocks that bordered that jump area so you really had to kick off to avoid them.

Anyway, we went back into our area and had some turkey sandwiches. Then we all climbed back on. I was on the jet skis once more but heading the other direction, and the wind was furious this time. We had to face so many waves. It was super choppy. We finally made it to the sand bar. Its this area thats just shallow and sandy, rather than rocky. Ducks were hanging about with us too. On the other side of the river was the casino, and to the right was the other side of the dam. We hung about there, then chugged on home.

We dropped off most people, then Gary, Zach, Brett, Bailey and I were meant to drive the boat to the boat ramp.. but the little bugger ran out of gas. We floated in the middle for a bit whiiiicchh was pretty dangerous. Luckily it had enough gas after we let it rest to get to the other side of the river. From there, the boys jumped in and lugged it to the boat ramp. About half a mile's worth. They just pulled on reeds and I was the cox. We cleaned up the boat and the two jet skis. Now its dinner and chilling time!! I enjoyed a strawberry daiquiri before!

We're heading to the Casino tonight to boogie on down the dancefloor! Hahaha 

Captain of the ship

Captain of the out of gas ship, actually

Donkey's shlong grew after seeing Bailey... GROSS!!!! LOL LOOK HOW LONG IT IS