Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-Order & Party

Well I've been so busy just polishing things up!
Firstly, I updated my website. Haha yay!

Secondly, I set up a Big Cartel account and what not so that people can pre-order my debut album 'Lone Wolf'

I'm going to be signing and numbering the first 100! But the pre-orders have been up for nearly a day now so limited quantities are left :)
Pre-order HERE!

Thirdly, I've been planning a release concert for the US. So if anyone is Californian and wanna come, the details are HERE!

Everything is all on my Facebook page!!! This has been such a rough, tough journey but right now, it seems like its all worth it! Its so exciting to see positive reviews and most of all, friends come out and bend backwards to support and encourage me!

After all of this, I can dust off my hands and relax! AND I WILL BE!!! I'm off to Canada on Friday for a few days! :) I really need a break!
Let's see the world, baby!