Monday, May 14, 2012

Stanley Park

Francois' Baby Venus Flytrap 

Our last full day in Vancouver was pretty exercise orientated. We met Francois, our new Belgian friend at his apartment in West End. He cooked up a breakfast storm for us and it was the best scrambled eggs I've ever had.

He runs like a girl

Apparently its a Gordon Ramsay recipe, so I'm going to be googling that one. No joke, it was so good. The best you'll ever have. Think eggs, sour cream, green onion and I don't know what else.

I also got a banana at a market for 40c. So cheap! Then we headed our way to Stanley Park. We started off at the beach and then walked ALL the way around. I felt like running so I started off by myself for a while. Running and stopping to take photos.

The view was gorgeous and untouched by humanity. Well, pretty untouched for the city. There were mountains, lush gardens, seas and forest green bridges. Bailey then joined me for a run and we enjoyed a run. Then we settled at a bench and made daisy chains while we waited for the others to catch up.

We asked a Korean dude to take a photo of all of us.. and instead he turned my camera off and handed it to me and said, "Beautiful!" and I was like - "Oh! He even turned my camera off for me!" But ended up that he mistook the power button for the shutter one.. fail. 

Then we kept on walking and walking and walking. By then end of our Stanley Park loop, we had completed about 10km. Afterwards, we kept on walking again along Coal Harbour and then found our way onto Robson street for some fresh sushi. It was pretty good. I was disappointed that I paid $2.50 for ONE nigiri piece of ikura. I was expecting a pair to sit on my plate. Haha!

We then walked back to Coal Harbour and kept on walking some more until we were at waterfront watching sea planes jet and arrive. We were then struck by a gorgeous building that looked like a ship. That was called Canada Place - apparently its iconic.

Olympic Flame Cauldron

Lego Orca Whale

Then we wandered over to Gastown once more where I indulged in souvenirs and then settled down for some cocktails. I had two gin concoctions which were okay, I make my elixirs better.

Kim left us to get ready for her date and the 4 of us went to get a kebab. Yep, way better at home too but it was still fulfilling. We decided to wait for Kim at our brewery joint from last night and I enjoyed a blackberry cocktail. I wasn't satisfied still.

Kim came and said our goodbyes. She was very sweet and left me a departing gift. Definitely the strangest departing gift I've ever gotten but I was very touched that she had thought of me. She left me a Dutch cigar. I don't know when I'd ever enjoy it. Maybe I should leave it to age until I turn into a 50 year old mafia man.

She definitely left a mark on me. She works freelance as a consultant and travels all around the world, not for her job but for her own pastime. I want to be able to have a job like that. Everyone knows I'm a nomad haha.

Now its back to being the 4 of us and we have settled at a cafe. I'm satisfying myself with a Belgian hot chocolate and a white chocolate/macadamia cookie. The Canadian life was great. I will miss the place - the never-ending pester of homeless bums and its beautiful nature. Hehe!