Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I wanna sell my BB before I go. Its illegal back at home and I want someone who ACTUALLY wants it to have as much fun with it as I did haha!

Well, I've had a fun weekend!
Me and a couple of girls went on a little roundabout to tourist-y places for fun. They got a place out at Pasadena for the weekend so the first night we partied at Old Pasadena town. Had some pasta too.

It was nice to get out of Orange County and see some civilisation. There were a lot of cops and drug busts going on though. Even people driving opposite one way traffic haha.

The second day, the ladies were lovely enough to drop me back to home for my surprise farewell party that wasn't too surprising as I had to know to come back hehe. That was a nice gathering. I enjoyed it very much and it also kind of struck me how sad I might be leaving this country.

This one random dude huddled this huge crowd around a painting because he was filled with such knowledge and was sharing it!

At night time, Estelle picked me up again and we headed back to Pasadena. We pretty much just drank moscato and enjoyed a girlie night. Next day was Huntington library which was some old rich dude's fauna & flora playground, museums and libraries. That sounded very Hugh Heffner-like but I'm talking more like the Jane Austen period. You could totally imagine Darcy having a cuppa tea deciding whether or not to marry me.

I've lost my timeline now so on the other days we went to Santa Monica beach and had dinner on the boulevard strip and also went to Malibu beach where the Getty Villa was there. On the last day we went back to Orange County before dropping me back off - to Laguna beach & canyons. Liza is super obsessed with Laguna beach so it was a little haven for her to see it in the flesh haha. But we hiked the canyons and holy, it is SOOO gorgeous! My camera, or phone photos totally doesn't justify the view.

We didn't think Australia could have a national garden. Ended up looking really barky, arid and dry haha!

We enjoyed Korean bbq, which gave me the runs - but still very good. On the way home, we passed a Walmart so I asked a favour if I could pick up some envelopes for sending the CD's haha.

I love cacti

So apparently Mexican coke is way better because they use real sugar cane rather corn syrup as the sweetener... I didn't really taste much of a difference but the skinny ass bottle was super cool

I was pretty tired so conked out as soon as I came home. The next day, I spent it signing CD's - I ended up doing about 87. I also enveloped, labeled both the shipping and return address all those 87. My hand hurts but I was super excited doing it all! I'm so stoked! This morning I woke up and I've sold 101. I'M SO SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUSLY HAPPY!