Friday, May 11, 2012



So, we headed off to the airport in the afternoon. Tony, Bailey and I all took on carry-ons which is always much much easier.

The plane was about 3 hours and it was a pretty good flight. I was surprised at the abundance of children though. I have NEVER been on a plane with so many kids. I swear it was about 2/3.. like a kindergarten excursion haha!
Eager beaver

I had a child kick me in the back for the whole ride but I was enjoying my newly updated iPod (I've been way too scared to update my iPod for about 4 years since my laptops got stolen and I didn't want my music to be erased).

The view from the plane was drop dead gorgeous! Snow peak mountains, autumn coloured trees and unexplainable architecture made Vancouver a brand new city to explore. We got off, got our passports stamped then hopped on the skytrain. It reminded me of the Taiwanese airport trains too where there were no drivers but I don't know if these ones had drivers or not.

The whole subway system was so different! Vancouver is really pretty. All the buildings are situated on really flat plains and then BAM! the city is bordered by huge mountains. If that explanation was terrible it goes something like this...

Lots of flat ground__________________/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \ then lots of mountains surrounding it.

We checked into our hostel, which is this really cute nautical themed joint called St Clair. Cheapest in downtown by far and very clean too. I was surprised.

Then it was time to fill up our demanding tummies. We walked through Gastown and then Chinatown.. and then we went back to Gastown. Boy, I've gotta say.. there are LOTS of beggars in Vancouver. We saw a man wear a bread costume around his head to show his desperation for food, a lady wearing business clothes and asking us for money (that one took us by surprise! We were like... SERIOUSLY?!?!?) and then the whole bunch of typical people asking too. There were huge flocks that hung out together too. I only ever gave money to the man playing sweet saxophone tunes in a quiet street.

We ate at Vera's Burgers then wandered through the city. I already bought a shot glass, stickers and a shirt HEHE!! I am the tourist guide for this vacation so I'm about to plan what's the haps and how we're gonna get to wherever we're going now.

I'm really enjoying this Shizuoka Genmaicha green tea at a 24hour cafe on the corner of Richards & W Hastings street. Vancouver reminds me of a mash up between my home cities, Brisbane & Melbourne (it also has hints of Sydney too!)


lalaaaanita said...

I have always had a weird obsession with Canada. When I was fifteen, I decided I would run away there one day. I hadn't really thought about that in years and years, but maybe I will.

Also, I enjoyed your mountain explanation :)

Hope you're enjoying yourself!