Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sex Shop

Okay, sorry for my irrational post yesterday - it happens to the best of people, especially on a vulnerable day such as yesterday.

I, however, will not take it down as I established this blog to detail the events in my life, whether it be in an inconspicuous way or whatever, so that one day when I am old and wrinkly.. I can read through it and fill in the blanks. I suffer from goldfish short term memory loss. Haha!

Anyway, the other day I was so blessed to rekindle my best friendship with Deshna. I missed her very much. Though we are two different people so her idea of fun was dragging me along to a sex shop for my very first time. I was so very hesitant. I was scared shitless of going in there. But she coaxed me into it and I was so overwhelmed. There is so much rank shit in there. Also let me note that it is extremely overpriced, can you imagine how cheap it is out of the China factory? If the dollar shop decided to stock sex equipment in their stores, some of those stuff you could easily get for a few bucks. Rubbish.

Anyway, she forced me to peel my eyes open to all things, and touch everything that's available. The sales assistant was super comfortable and could tell I was extremely intimidated so she was trying to sell me some small objects that were apparently cute for beginners.

We then walked through the DVD section and holy crappola, people are into some screwed up material. Like PREGNANT? TRANNY? GRANNY? Ugh!
These Asian men came in and started staring at me, I almost could envision them licking their lips at me with carnal desire. YUCK. I said to Desh, I've had enough! Let's go!
Her enjoyment was totally from my squeamish anguish.

We then walked around the corner and settled at an Egyptian cafe. We ordered tea and apple flavoured shisha and chatted the night away. Oh I forgot to say we had Japanese for dinner too.

Yesterday, I had rehearsals at King's house for his tribute on Sunday. I really don't want to play anymore... I kept looking at his artworks that are hung around the house and remembering him working on them years back. Sometimes I'd watch him work while sitting in his room. Sigh.

I went to the grave afterwards and eventually people coincidentally came by too.. Until it became a gathering. After a couple of hours, I was done.

A lot of things happened for me yesterday and I can't really express it but that's what caused the volcano eruption yesterday. It doesn't matter, I have a new outlook to live up to and I feel great about it.


lalaaaanita said...

I've yet to venture into a sex shop, though one of my friends works in one an acts as if it's the most nature thing in the world! It just scares me, hahah.

Good luck at King's tribute. I'm glad you've followed your dreams and have decided to live life with only the good. You deserve that :)

Hope all is well Deena :)