Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I wanna sell my BB before I go. Its illegal back at home and I want someone who ACTUALLY wants it to have as much fun with it as I did haha!

Well, I've had a fun weekend!
Me and a couple of girls went on a little roundabout to tourist-y places for fun. They got a place out at Pasadena for the weekend so the first night we partied at Old Pasadena town. Had some pasta too.

It was nice to get out of Orange County and see some civilisation. There were a lot of cops and drug busts going on though. Even people driving opposite one way traffic haha.

The second day, the ladies were lovely enough to drop me back to home for my surprise farewell party that wasn't too surprising as I had to know to come back hehe. That was a nice gathering. I enjoyed it very much and it also kind of struck me how sad I might be leaving this country.

This one random dude huddled this huge crowd around a painting because he was filled with such knowledge and was sharing it!

At night time, Estelle picked me up again and we headed back to Pasadena. We pretty much just drank moscato and enjoyed a girlie night. Next day was Huntington library which was some old rich dude's fauna & flora playground, museums and libraries. That sounded very Hugh Heffner-like but I'm talking more like the Jane Austen period. You could totally imagine Darcy having a cuppa tea deciding whether or not to marry me.

I've lost my timeline now so on the other days we went to Santa Monica beach and had dinner on the boulevard strip and also went to Malibu beach where the Getty Villa was there. On the last day we went back to Orange County before dropping me back off - to Laguna beach & canyons. Liza is super obsessed with Laguna beach so it was a little haven for her to see it in the flesh haha. But we hiked the canyons and holy, it is SOOO gorgeous! My camera, or phone photos totally doesn't justify the view.

We didn't think Australia could have a national garden. Ended up looking really barky, arid and dry haha!

We enjoyed Korean bbq, which gave me the runs - but still very good. On the way home, we passed a Walmart so I asked a favour if I could pick up some envelopes for sending the CD's haha.

I love cacti

So apparently Mexican coke is way better because they use real sugar cane rather corn syrup as the sweetener... I didn't really taste much of a difference but the skinny ass bottle was super cool

I was pretty tired so conked out as soon as I came home. The next day, I spent it signing CD's - I ended up doing about 87. I also enveloped, labeled both the shipping and return address all those 87. My hand hurts but I was super excited doing it all! I'm so stoked! This morning I woke up and I've sold 101. I'M SO SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUSLY HAPPY!

Monday, May 21, 2012


We woke up and launched Gary's big ass party boat into the water. It was all good to go so we went back and cooked breakfast. Gary was on potatoes and I was on bacon!

Casino + waterslide + dock

Captain of the ship

Then everyone climbed on in and we headed down to the sand bar. We decided to head into the casino so we travelled across the river but then Sandi sent us a text saying she made it and was finally here!

So we lugged everyone back. Most of the people decided to go home, so it was just left with 9 people! We headed back to the end of the river, to the casino.

5 asses

There we had lunch and got to go nuts on the indoor mega water slide they had. It said feet first only but hahaha in no way did we abide by those rules!

Gary has a pokies machine collection

The adults were done gambling so we climbed into the boat and jetsetted all the way to the other end of the river. I got to finally take a picture this time of the massive dam. It was kind of scary, and a few of us jumped in (those who could swim) and holy mackerel, you could see where the river just dropped off. Apparently its about 300 feet deep. Yikes!

The water was really really clean though. I accidentally gulped some and it just tasted like mineral water haha. I really wonder what creatures actually seep through. The sun was baking us all pretty badly. We headed back and just relaxed and pigged out on some snacks.

The donkeys came by again. They're so cute. Bailey and I decided to take the golf cart towards the desert - where we saw a family of wild donkeys, with one baby one. At first they were super alarmed, but we hung about for a bit and we were welcomed. One donkey came up to us to say hello and probably to be protective too. Very cute. We watched them for a while, and said goodbye as they crossed the road and headed back into the long plains of the desert.

American parents

We went back and Dale & Cie showed us their dune buggy and asked us if we wanted to go. I've never been on one so I was excited and scared, but hells yeah did I wanna go! We strapped in, put our goggles on and headed out into the desert.

Bailey went first and at times I thought we were going to roll over. The dune buggy was sensitive to the bumps. He also wasn't watching when the branches would flick into my face haha. He's one of those drivers who sticks to one side haha. I hopped on and he called me a crazy bitch and that I was crazier than him. But he did admit that I was a really good driver. I know I am, haha I was raised by my mum and she is actually a super insane good driver!!

The desert was so gorgeous, apart from the heavily decorated donkey poop everywhere. I even got to see real cute cacti. I had a lot of fun in the dune buggy. I felt like Indiana Jones. Sand drifting is so much fun!

I made mashed potatoes for dinner and everyone complimented me on. I really have to thank my mum for the credit - we have a secret ingredient in there that shocks everybody! Haha but I won't be telling it now will I? Then we chilled - I think the Arizona sun couldn't be avoided today. I feel a little burnt even with the pile of sunscreen I plastered on!

The next day was a slow move - we woke up, all made breakfast, lazed about then piled up into the car. We headed to Oatman which is an ol' Western mining town. It was a little bit over an hour away. It is a pretty good tourist stop over for Americans doing road trips - also very common during the Harley run (where all these motorcyclists group together and pass through) so there was a lot of bikie goodies. The town was super cute, there were so many pregnant donkeys that piled up on the streets ready for people to feed them. The baby donkeys had stickers on their head that said 'Don't Feed me Anything!' because when they're little they choke on the grain. They can only have milk at that age.

We enjoyed ice cream and watched cowboys put on a shoot out show. Then we walked through the stores for a souvenir fix.

After Oatman, we travelled through to Nevada (another state) to another casino city less famed than Las Vegas called Laughlin. Its enticing because its a casino strip beside the Colorado river. Pretty pretty. We walked through a casino or two then bounced. We stopped by an Indian casino called Avi. Sandi played a game and then we left. Its amazing how this river looks compared to ours - the water is so beautiful and the sand resembles so much closer to sand rather than the usual dirt/mud bed.

Baby donkeys only drink milk as they will choke on other foods

We then headed on home and left Nevada, then to California then back into Arizona. Three states in one day, phew!! Now we're preparing dinner and gonna head to the hot tub. It's time to rest up and wake up super duper early tomorrow when the water is smooth like glass! I really like this area. I want a river house!!

Okay - last day! We woke up at 7am which was quite early for us and straight away headed out to the river. We set up the tube/raft to the boat and Gary went cruising with Bailey and I on the back just being thrown around like rag dolls. It was pretty fun but I had to hold on so tight that my arms hurt now haha! There were times where I could've fallen off but I held on so I rebounded back into my seat haha.

Money drive-by shots of where we stayed & played

Afterwards, Bailey and I road the jet skis. The water was so beautiful that day. I could see the bottom very far far away and it was so calm that I cruised without too many bumps (for those who have been on one you will know what I mean)!

Then it was thorough cleaning time. This was tedious. I don't know how Gary does it every time he comes down to the river. Clean the boats inside out, clean the jetskis, clean the dune buggy, clean the house, clear the food, put away all the big man toys into the storage, rearrange until everything fit and then go! We were meant to leave at 12 but ended up leaving at 2. Then the long long drive home.

We dropped off Gary and said our biggest thank you! All of these experiences I got to enjoy would cost me so much if I was to do it all alone. He didn't even let me pay for food or souvenirs - I was so mad but so appreciative.

Then we went home and started packing again - clearing out the Canada and river bags and making sure Bailey didn't leave anything. I gave him a suitcase of my winter stuff to take. Then Sandi drove to LAX to drop him off. We were all so sad. I was sad. I don't really have friends in America because I was so busy doing this project and I wasn't participating in any activities that would allow me to meet people very often so he was my main company. I'm so glad he supported me through this tough journey but I'm sad for him to leave. Especially because when I go back home he will be 2000km away.

My photos I forgot from the last post of the wind energy farm!

To take my mind off things, Christian invited me out for a quick hot chocolate. We caught up on things and then I went home and crashed into bed. I was so exhausted.