Saturday, June 2, 2012


So my American journey is coming to an end...

All I've been doing is riding around on my bike making deliveries of my albums. To the people that live close by to me, I'd save a few dosh on postage by just riding there by myself and hand delivering it. Haha. The other day I took 30 parcels in a huge back pack to the post office. They were so kind and fast at it.

After that, I went to go get a little tattoo. It had been on my mind since October to get it, but of course you always have to dwell on it. I thought it would also be a good sum up of this spontaneous part of my life and the reason behind the push for it - losing King.

So I got a very simple outline of a crown.

The tattoo artist was super nice, his name is Phish. He reminded me of Ton from Auction Hunters - big dude with tattoos everywhere, even across on top of his eyebrows and cheeks but he was such a gentleman. He told me to swing by again so he can buy an album too haha!

I've just been signing... I can't believe I've sold 110 copies before it even coming out! To think that I could do this all by myself, without no big ass business company - well with the exception that I have Tony - I would have never imagined of achieving this.

Tonight is my release concert. No one knows me here as a fan or a friend so I'm not quite sure who is going to turn up. The few friends I do have are out of town so I'm bummed. We'll see..

Wish me luck.