Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alicia Florrick

So I forcefully peered my eyes open as I awoke on a dew-filled Saturday morning with the scintillating yet cold sun.

Thinking I did such a fantastic job at waking up early, I grabbed my clock and found it to be a more afternoon time of... midday.

I'm pretty impressed anyway because I stayed up catching up with my best friend Deshna :) It was good skyping with her once again, I missed miss her so much. We talked about the usual; boys, food, school, assignments, farts and poos. Actually when she called me I was reading the news on the toilet HAHAHAHAHA, I accepted the call anyway! (That was probably too much information, but I am Miss No Shame)

I woke up, watched The Good Wife where Alicia Florrick the main character and mum who is pretty much filling the role of a single parent with added public stress, never ceases to inspire me with her FEMININE POWAAARRR!!! I always scream those two words out when she slams people with her fierce lawyer words. My friend just always rolls his eyes at me.

I then caught up on Gossip Girl, luckily I indulged in 2 episodes! Jenny Humphrey is too conniving for my liking and Serena is too naive (The characters, not the actors! Don't worry!) I then cried on the inside after they both ended as I came to realise that both my favourite TV shows to watch (apart from MasterChef, NCIS and CSI) are nearing season finale.

I have become such a television bum since I live independently. (I'm hovering over the last two words of the previous sentence wondering if it makes sense....)

Moving on, I then watched Jessica Watson on TV - who is the youngest girl to sail around the world and just landed back home to Australia today. After all the media frenzy, it took me 7 months to realise that what she did was tremendously triumphant! Good on her, I'm ashamed I can't even go and chase dreams.

I then went for a run at a real gym this time, with my friend's swipe card. OH MAN this blog is going to be long because I have another story. Okay so I just come in and start running on the treadmill, watching the footy in front of me and see this dude staring at me in the reflection.. I was just thinking like oh hes probably concentrating on that glass spot, but afterwards he comes right up to me on my run. I look over and see she has boobs and is actually a ranga girl and felt terribly bad. Throughout my whole run she was just staring at me and looking at either,
a) my speed on my treadmill which wasn't that flash
b) my legs
c) my [lack of] chest

After I finished running, she stopped running - when I start running again, she hops on and starts sprinting on it! Then I stopped to actually leave now, and she stopped too but realised I was DEPARTING!

I then went to Woolworths to make Red Thai Curry with a melon and coconut smoothie, yum! Then watched an episode of House, I love his douche bag acts.

Night baby kittens!


chocoloby said...

your weekend seemed wonderful compare to mine~it started out great...ended up so sad...