Thursday, May 27, 2010


I then woke up to find that it was only 11 am and after being awake for over a day, I only caught up with 3 hours.

Mum had bought me lunch so for a few hours my mum and I caught up while I ate some Chinese Takeaway.
I miss her so much, out of everyone- I significantly miss her the most. I told her too and she just flashed me one of her cheesy grins supported by her full moon sized cheeks.

I was waiting for friends to contact me, but it wasn't until late afternoon did I realise that my phone was broken. I thought I was forgotten.
But I was really happy bonding with Simba the dog, and catching up with mum. We played dress ups with Simba where we became tongue and hoodie buddies.

I then got to finally drive! I missed driving so much! I had dinner with few of the boys where I got to fulfill my huge craving of Chicken Cutlets on Rice. YUM

I then rushed home to pack and go city to quickly see Deshna again then sped off to the airport.
I was 3 minutes in time for check in, phew! The security was flirting with me so bad when I was having my luggage checked. I could've smuggled in a weapon! Hahahaha but I guess it was like 10:30pm.
This time I was wedged between two ladies, and when my plane landed my bag was squished in one corner where I couldn't reach and was embarrassingly jumping up and down to try get it while people just stared at me. FINALLY this man decided to help me out!
It was 1:38 am when my friend picked me up, where I went home to snuggle up to the two episodes of Masterchef that I missed.


flyin_flip said...

I saw a your tik-tok ukelele video and immediately had to google you. (does that constitute as stalking?) Anyway, I have a dog named Simba too. Does yours happen to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback as well?