Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deshna's 18th

Plane rides are so boring - I'll start with that.
I was wedged between two men, one the typical Australian from the Outback style bloke and a business man.
The business man snobbed me as I squidged in to sit in the middle and the Aussie bloke just cracked me a smile and said, "Welcome to the flying sardine can!"

I thought that was funny.
I landed and was picked up by Yuvi, where we then did quick visits to some of the boys and then my mum and Simba (new member of the family).

I arrived to Desh's and made her new boy and Yuvi hide her as I sneaked into her house to hide. She then came in to play Nintendo and I casually slid in next to her where she just ecstatically jumped and squealed at my presence! I was really happy too!

Next thing, I laid out my 6 presents for her where each letter of her name responded to the first letter of the gift I gave her, for example S in Deshna was S for shirt (where I made her a shirt of her)

After being forced to gulp down tequila shots by Deshna, friends and HER DAD (who shot like a mug of tequila) we were all ready to go out and party on a Wednesday night.

Due to the State of Origin, Uber at West End was packed and it was fun! We lost Desh for a few hours but that was because of her vomiting saga. I spent good quality time catching up with Tyson, not from the 3 months I've been away for but the few years we hadn't caught up on!

Afterwards we all went to the Casino, where I lost a quick 20 dollars and my friends lost like 10 times more due to no control. I WARNED THEM! Then strolled over to McDonalds with blistered feet for breakfast at 6 am. I finally got home at 7:30 and talked to my mum until 8:30am!

Then I slept..

For 3 hours.