Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Mysterious Red Car

I am so glad I caught up on Masterchef by streaming off Channel 10's website this morning! I was so sad I sacrificed last night's episode to go to Melbourne Central's VIP Shopping Sale Day!

I was so disappointed with the Sales, probably because I swore to no spending for one month so I wasn't thoroughly looking with enjoyment. I bought another present for Desh though which totally breaks my idea that I had planned but I really wanted to get it for her, so I think I'm going to have to give her 5 presents all up.
Spoilt Spoilt Spoilt!

My favourite part of the Sales night was when I was in the Calvin Klein Underwear store and this little 3 year old named Katherine, came up to me and started flaunting bras up against her chest. I was like,
"Not yet honey, very soon.. but not yet!"
But we started choosing our favourite bras and slowly we started playing hairdressers and who can cut up the most things with their fingers. She took a fascination to my bracelets and to my long brown hair (because hers is night black). She was so adorable and smart for a little girl. She cried when I said I had to leave her!

So, my friend and I are calling the police right now because there's been this cute little new red car in front of my friend's house for over a week and the glasses are all smashed! The suburb that the car plate reads is AGES away from where we are, like more than half an hour away! So we're reporting it stolen.

My friend said last time, people have left a stolen car near the area before, but they torched it in the night so it was only a black frame left. This city is so rebellious.

Miranda Kerr's new GQ photos are so hot! Unfair

OH and I had my last Engineering workshop yesterday, OH OH and my team's robot won! We had the fastest and most efficient programming to go around this S track by using it's light sensor to detect where to stay in between the lines and where to go! I'm so proud of Persian Prince (That's what we named it because we had a Persian national boxer international student as a member and we decided to make a joke out of him).

I am also sad because my dreamy half caste, sexy asian tutor with an American accent is gone because Engineering workshop is gone.
I'll always remember how he laughed and gave me a long, mesmerising eye contact when I made a funny joke yesterday.... *floats into the clouds*

Ok, its so unhealthy that I'm so sad over someone I never really talked to! Hahaha I'm joking..........

Fun fact, save me from what my readers are thinking of me!