Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pancake Phrenzy

Thanks to Tiny for showing me the adorable art of Jim's Pancakes!!

These are probably my favourite,

But until I refine my cooking skills (which by the way, is no where near mastered) I am going to attempt just a smiley face pancake!

I pan fried for my first time and was trying in trepidation as the oil spat in my face like, "ARGHH, DEENA GET OUT OF LE KITCHEN!"


chocoloby said...

i think it's fair to say it'll take some time to see your smiley pancake being post up here~haha

he also done up a vintage rolls royce painted by "Friends with you", kinda trippy haha

Anonymous said...

glad you liked it my friend! well goodluck on your smiley pancake haha i know youll do better than jim. hehehe