Saturday, May 15, 2010


I love weekends of... nothing.

And I'm not being sarcastic either. Friday I pretty much lazed around, did the Ellen show and the View - though I find them too catty and chit chatty (I excel myself with my rhyming skills)

Friday night I had honey soy chicken with rice, and stayed up watching The Lake House with the ever so charming Sandra Bullock and handsome Keanu Reeves. That movie was both endearing and beautiful! Its been added to my favourite list of romantics. I'm probably being bias because I love Sandra Bullock, but it runs on the same sweet storyline of The Time Traveller's Wife (which I also love) but less confusing and scene-choppy (for those who haven't read it, the constant back and forth time periods the scene moves into is confusing). While the Lake House, intricately yet swimmingly weaves the two time periods to a place of one.

Maybe just watch the movie because I'm starting to speak swish swashly. I then crammed in a gym session where I decided to push myself to burn 400 calories and regrettably, cause a more permanent burn in my vulnerable, weak chicken legs.

My friend fell asleep in MY ROOM where I left the keys and my phone when I went to run, so I was there BANGING on my door for a good hour until my iPod died. People came out looking at this disgusting blob of sweat probably thinking in their heads "WHY IS THAT PERSPIRING PIGGY KNOCKING AT THIS UNGODLY HOUR!" So I started knocking in intervals then hiding in my fire stairs when I heard people walking towards me. HAHAHA

I gave up. So I went downstairs and played oopsie daisy with the security guard like this,
Deena: "Oh my! I went to the gym and left my keys in the house! I locked myself in.. hehe" *batters eyelashes like Minnie Mouse*
Security: *looks me up and down with his bulged eyes* "ID?"
Deena: "Well, I don't go to the Gym with my ID.." (Btw my gym is downstairs of my apartment block)
Security: "ALRIGHT, sign here and come back in 5 mins with the spare key"
Deena: "Oh you gallant gentleman, how deeply your chivalrous gestures touches my poor, beated heart. You have impossibly saved me from an irrevocable catastrophe!"

Okay, last line was fake.