Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sitting in a Melting Pot

Just after I decided to write a blog, I read Quinton's and BAM! It totally relates to how I feel lately.

"...until the resurrection of the then 3:43, now Sleeping Soda. That went great, I dropped my books down for a good 3 months or so, until Deena left which made me fall into this anti-creative phase from February I haven't written a proper tune since she left because I miss the connection I get when we have our little musical jam."

Just replace Deena and the relative she's, with Quinton and he's, and that is how I feel.
Few hours back, however, I did have an influx of musical urges which I satisfied for a good 5 minutes. That compares nothing to my old daily 1 hr devotion to music.

At least I'm drawing here and there though, and I've started to exercise which makes me feel powerful. Even so, I miss my partner in crime. I've wilted from what I've worked for and I can hear it when I attempt to sing pop songs in the car.

It's scratchy, horrible and not worth hearing hahaha.
Just my rant today.

Ending with Quinton's ending,
"so basically I am dreading the days to go on and not looking forward for anything interesting everyday, things are collapsing in every way yet I am not affected by it, in other word, my life is rather pointless now."

Full version of Quinton's entry -> here


chocoloby said...

sigh...but that being said, hopefully i can get you to check your email soon...hopefully...
ps: don't be too blue~you're green!