Monday, May 24, 2010

Berries of Straw


I just had huge stomach urges.. so I went all the way to my local supermarket to find it closed a bit early for renovations, I decided to venture with my friend all the way into the city to the 24 hrs supermarket to fulfill my cravings of strawberries with condensed milk.

My local supermarket sold them for $5 and I thought that was crazy, boy was I furious to find that this place sold it for $7! Are they out of season or something? They did look like pictorial, crimson, glossy strawberries like they were plastic - so if I was buying with an aesthetic mindset, I guess I got my money's worth.

I drizzle them with condensed milk, my favourite! <3 Then lick the plate!

One day and a bit until I return home for 32 hours in order to celebrate my best friend's 18th!
I've totally concentrated on making sure I've got everything to give her wrapped and ready and forgot about my own luggage! Then I had a random memory flashback where I have an engineering conference tomorrow evening, WHAT A DRAINER!

I played a bit of ukulele today, like 10 minutes - which is the longest since moving.
Time to lick my strawberry platter, yum yum!


chocoloby said...

10 minutes...that's about how much piano i've practices lol