Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Here's the photos from Hwaro Korean BBQ and Logie Spotting Night!

David Squared, with me sandwiched!

Seven network stars from Home and Away (I must photoshop this to pure pure pure clarity)

Little Sister and MEEE

Jana and I again

On another note, another fantastic website from Tiny where it has assisted me to decide what's for dinner..

I had to press "I don't fucking like that" about 4 times because the first 4 options were too gourmet. (I salivated at the sound of Moroccan lamb though)
Until I slowly overcome my fear of the kitchen and lack of skills, I am going to be having either stuffed chicken breasts or indian curry. YUM

Have a go? Or understand what I'm talking about?

This morning I've finished planning and buying Desh's birthday present but now I have to go to Uni to meet up with my Engineering group to finish our assignment due tomorrow.
WHICH BY THE WAY, I've done everything so far! UGH, I AM BOILING WITH HATRED RIGHT NOW because on the day where I was sick with a fever, I missed a meeting. I put my hand up and said I'll do more of the report because I missed the meeting but they said they didn't get any further on it anyway. Another day, I left them for an hour as I had to go physics lecture, I came back and they couldn't do it because they were missing a piece of information where I replied with, "THAT INFORMATION WAS FOUND IN THE PREVIOUS QUESTION OF FLUID MECHANICS"

OKAY, enough babble. Time to go to the Engineering Design Studio with ultimato fury.


taineetalong said...

haha deena! curry sounds nice