Friday, May 4, 2012


Kobe beef

What a scary week. Everything swept through like a hurricane. Gotta say that I was crazy stressed.
I replanted the whole garden (except the big trees and bushes)

We crammed one day to finish all the recordings due to a deadline. We missed it so we were going crazy about how we would get another slot to get all this done.

Luckily we did. Robert Vosgien of Capitol Records mastered my songs, he's done other artists like Goo Goo Dolls, Selena Gomez and stuff so that's pretty cool.

It came back after one day and it sounds good. I shared it on my personal Facebook page because I got forced to. People were saying, why would you go to this much effort and just hide it. So I swallowed my guts and did it. And now I'm shitting myself. I feel naked and exposed.

Judgement day. Haha. You can enjoy my album snippet too,

I just gotta organise getting my stuff printed, then maybe a video and a concert.

My dad messaged me saying he was proud of me. There's only a few words I ever hear from him so that was nice. My mum for the first time complimented me on my music - she was always discouraging and I don't blame her, she went the music route too and it was tough.

I'm not making a career out of this though. I just want to make a mark like King did.