Friday, October 21, 2011

Jason Chen

Last night, Jason Chen you know that Youtube guy came to my work. I'm not obsessed with him or anything, and I hadn't really heard him sing but he's a lot better live than on videos. Maybe its because I'm not into over production and I prefer raw stuff so it was good to hear that.

Before he performed, I slipped in to the back room and got introduced to Jason and the guitarist, Gerald. I chatted with them for about half an hour and they forced me to jam with them!

I was super dooper nervous. I'm really shy you know? Like I don't even sing for my mum! They kept egging me on so I just bit my tongue and did it. I was shaking for a solid 30 minutes until I got over the rush. I mean it was only in front of 3 people hahahaha!

They were both very lovely people! Not big headed due to the fame or anything, which is great!
I got bored at work, I'm so sorry Jason hahaha

After work I went into the city to meet Bailey and Neil and we had a late night snack at Lord of the Fries. I love garlic aioli mayo.