Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First day of lovely sunshine weather! Bailey came with me to the doctors to get my results. They had a problem figuring out their examination for my X-Ray so I left not knowing anything anyway.

We enjoyed a fresh juice, then walked all the way to Lygon street for lunch. We both tried different agnolotti meals! I've never had those before!
Thanks Michael.

Then we walked down to the gelati joint where I enjoyed coconut and green tea ice cream. The doctors called me to say I'm healthy and in the clear, the attack must've just been some random outburst.

I then prank called Simon, Bailey's colleague at his work. After the second call, he knew it was me hahahaha!
I love wintermelon juice, and I got Bailey into it. But everyone pays me out by calling it green dick juice, so they thought it was funny to turn the picture into a....

Bailey and I walked to the city, enjoyed window shopping and then watched Crazy Stupid Love at the cinemas. Ryan Gosling is my celebrity crush. Ever since The Notebook, he has become my imaginary husband. Gosh, he is one fine piece of human being. Absolutely frothing.

I had dinner with Raph at Nandos. Gosh, I love Nandos. And I love peri peri salt (obviously, check out how much I stacked on)!


lalaaaanita said...

ryan gosling = god.

I'm also glad you're well :) and I will be hunting green dick juice!