Saturday, October 15, 2011


"Chase the sun and your shadow chases you.
You don't fail until you give up.
Live with no regrets; A regret is a mistake you did not learn from.
As long as you're always learning you're never at a loss
And you have nothing to lose.
No regrets."

Nothing really interesting has happened. I packed up a lot of junk boxes and sent them back to Brisbane.
Van from work brought me macaroons because he knows I love them!

Sad little Bailey

How strange is his ear?

I've been planning where I'm going for the summer, I think I've made my decision but I really have to start acting on it. And I've been chicken shit as well, being secretive about everything so I can just boot then I won't be missed and I won't feel the pain of missing.

I had my very first asthma attack last night, at work. It was pretty scary, I thought I was going to pass out and die from lack of oxygen. I was hyperventilating for so long and had to lay on my side.

Friends drove into the city to go get ventolin for me. After they brought that back I felt much better and felt so bad for everyone so I shouted Greek food at a great 24 hour cafe called Stalactites. It was pretty expensive.

Everyone just cared for me and I felt touched. I came home and AJ, Kevin and Bailey were all waiting for me. I had a hot shower then it started up again. This time the ventolin wasn't really calming me down and I was shit scared again.

AJ cried, Kevin held my hand and Bailey continually whispered reminders to breathe slowly. I soon passed my attack but I fell into a lapse of teeth chattering even though I wasn't cold. It was weird. Apparently I was really pale, and my hands, feet and lips were so dry it felt like it was cracking. Strange huh?

I went to the doctors today, I've got an X-ray on Monday to see if parts of my lungs collapsed but otherwise he seriously couldn't find an explanation. He thinks it might've just been a one off asthma attack but it doesn't mean I'm asthmatic! Phew!

So I'm taking it easy, resting up. My body is very weak and my chest is tight. I finally finished my canvas!
This was when I had a little bit left...


Raph (roommate) and I clambered through the vent to get to the rooftop. It's pretty cool. I felt instantly relaxed and free being up there!


lalaaaanita said...

whatever you've decided to do this summer, I hope it makes you happy <3

also, I hope you're okay, healthwise. I had asthma as a kid and outgrew it, but the ex had asthma and it terrified me.

I also love your canvas!

mizziam said...

Agreeeed! Loving the canvas! :.Also think you should take a stab at this! :D

Lame lame lame about the asthma attack, hopefully it was just a one-off! But you're also so blessed to have such an amazing bunch of supportive friends!