Monday, October 31, 2011


How cute is that photo? Its from Josh's and Iva's wedding in July!
I'VE BEEN SO STRESSED!! I'm trying to organise my packing, my planning before I go off to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in a week's time.

I have to get all my stuff out of my house before I go though because my house lease finishes while I'm overseas. SO STRESS STRESS.

And with work, seeing as its my last week now I have to do a lot of training and recruiting and its driving me mental! Plus I have to write out procedures for the bosses because they don't know!

On another note, Xavier Samuel from Twilight came into Baraki for coffee. He definitely looks a lot cuter on screen or maybe its because of the hair.. I don't know. He was lovely though! I was so embarrassed but he gave me the biggest cuddle and said to not worry about it and then chatted with me for a little bit.

I went shopping for togs (swimmers) for the Asia trip. I mean, I could buy cheap ones over there but I'm so flat chested and short bodied that I like to pay a little extra to know that I will be supported ;) We wouldn't want nip slips now would we!

A pretty painting I saw of Flinders Street Station!