Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elfin Deer

Big days are ahead of me. This is what is coming up.
Visa interview on Monday, find out results on Thursday. Plan overseas.
Pack and organize what is necessity, what goes back to QLD and what goes overseas.
Quit my jobs.
Ship stuff overseas.
Go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia for nearly 2 weeks.
Come back, road trip to Brisbane - collect Jana on the way through Sydney.
Stick it out with mum, organize stuff.
Fly. Be gone.
Its going to be stressful.
I'm excited!

I'll give you more details after I find out where I'm going and for how long.
I was stressing out so much that Chris and I went for dinner then I made him plan it out for me while I pulled each hair out of my follicles out of stress.

Look how cute Bailey is! So, I think he looks like an elf or a deer so I did this for others to understand the resemblance!
Baby Elf

Oh deer!