Sunday, October 9, 2011


You walked into my dreams,
right from the start,
I couldn't believe what I'd seen,
the day you stole my heart.
I could give an eternity,
I could pray and wish,
I'd never be worthy,
to ever have your kiss.
You don't know how much you mean to me,
how beautiful you really are,
one day I'll help you see,
I love you with all my heart.
Forgive me and forget,
for what I couldn't say.
I should have told you you're perfect,
every single day.
I cant help but say,
from the depths of my soul,
in every single way,
you're truly beautiful.

I bummed and did nothing all day. I did laundry, I hung laundry, I threw all my clothes that I have on my bed and nitpicked through what I really wear and don't. I stored them into boxes. I'm onto my 3rd box of stuff I don't really need with me. I'm pruning down what I'm carrying to only the bare necessities (that Disney Jungle Book song just popped into my head).

AJ did her laundry too, then Bailey surprised me at my bedroom doorway. Raph let him in, and AJ saw him from the balcony but I had no idea so it scared me a little! I continued to pack then I caught the tram to work.

Boring, boring, bought a pie at work, ate that. Went through all our stock and pruned down on all the not so important alcohol and decided we'd try and sell it off that night. Trying to sell alcohol off is much more fun than just making drinks. We had a bundle and by the end of the night we only had two still left over.

That night was fun. It was quieter so it was a nice change from being stressed out. I had time to practice my flaring. A hen's night came along so not too far into the night I had to go to the female toilets to gather up a girl sprawled next to the bin. It was gross, she put her hands all over me and heaved her body onto me. I walked her out through the crowds and as I walked out I saw Bailey and his friend Nick standing by the door.

Such a lovely surprise, but I continued to walk out the door and take the girl outside. When I got out there she said to me, "OOOOH what are we going to do now together?!"

I replied with, "Well I'm going back to work and you're going to stay here and have some fresh air."
Security then took care of her.

I made Bailey and Nick mocktails because they both don't drink. I was so nervous working behind the bar while Bailey was watching me. I was so conserved and shy. Nate was like, you're being so reserved and uncool behind the bar!! HAHAHA.

Then all my workmates wanted me to introduce them to Bailey and gosh was I blushing. Oh well the night got better because Nate started picking up this girl and Serkan and I decided to be like school children. First we stood behind then and put our hands over our hearts then fluttered our hands.

Nate shoved us away. Then Serkan got a candle, lit it and stuck it in between the both of them. Nate was furious, blew it out and continued talking. But gosh I was on the floor laughing hysterically!

There were many male appendage straws lying around from the hen's night so we stuck em all around Nate's work area and stuff, and put it in her drink when he made her one. It was so immature of us but it makes work lighter!

After work, Van, Monty and I enjoyed some chips with gravy, cheese, jalapenos, chilli and bacon bits smeared all over it. YUM!

I saw my workmate from my Friday night club on the streets and he was absolutely goners and talking rubbish. My night was full of entertainment.

Oh I forgot to mention this guy tried to hit on me with the following line, "I wanna be your boyfriend, can I get to know you?"

I tried brushing him off for ages but he wouldn't budge. He's a regular customer so in the end I said, "I don't think my boss would like a regular customer dating his worker, true?"

And he was like, "Oh yeah that's a good point.. hmm.. and I wanna keep going here."
And I was like, "GREAT! We've come to a conclusion, talk later!"
All I heard was a mumbling of, "But I could just be a customer when I come here... but treat you like a princess outside of work!!"
Oh enjoy some photos from that shoot. I think he has a lot to work on and I edited these and they look so much better than the original... There's some other shots, I don't know I just think poor composition, bad lighting, no feeling. So I'm only putting a few up.. Hahah I liked this shot, even with the make up artist's hands!

Poor composition though, and bad focus..

Aaaaanndd I look like a loser - "Oh how I hug myself at night"


lalaaaanita said...

you're so gorgeous. I want to wake up and be Eurasian :(